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22. Miami. ENFP. Christ-Follower. Lover of art. nature. poetry. vinyl. coffee. tea. rainy days. indie films. vintage cameras & film photography.

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15:07 I pray that as believers we may be reminded of  Christ’s love, sacrifice, passion, death and resurrection every day of our lives; that we may not limit ourselves to an annual observance to celebrate Him. That we may live everyday of our lives bringing him honor and glory. #eastereveryday

Oh Tom by Jess Strantz
01:46 I am feeling awfully lonley and this just made me cry. a lot. 
22:16 humans-of-pdx:

"What are you passionate about?" "Oh man, I’ve never had to put it into words before. I wish I could draw you a picture…. Making sure that all humans are treated fairly and trying to be fair in all my interactions with other human beings." "How do you go about that?" "Well, I got this reusable container for my lunch instead of a disposable one for one thing. I rode my bike to work. And now I need to get back to work to be fair to my coworkers."

This guy’s got it. It is about the little things. 
10:03 This is my uncle Jose. Up until I met my biological father in 2006, he had been the father figure in my life. Among other things, he taught me how to appreciate nature, to always look at the bright side, how to ride my bike and to love history. Above all, though… he inspires me to be more like Christ; to be selfless, kind, loving, giving and patient. This past week has been splendid-we spent it as tourists, adventurers and explorers, leaving memories of wonderfully pleasant  times. After this mini vacation, he’s on a plane back home and I already miss him! Lo amo, Papi! Nos vemos pronto! #thankful
14:37 It’s a beautiful day on the river.  (at Oleta River)
11:19 Spending the last day with my uncle exploring. 😁👌 (at Oleta River State Park)
14:09 da tourist life.
08:33 Food stop.  (at Waffle House Port St.lucie)
21:17 I wish my days were more like today. Today was perfect.
22:41 Looking through my film prints and contact sheets reminds me of how I really miss doing this. I just wish I had more time to explore and access to a lab to process my own stuff again. 😭😩(Also, excuse the crummy iPhone 4 picture quality.)
21:19 @johnmarkmcmillan killed it tonight 👌 (at Calvary Chapel Downtown Miami)
I am 22 years old.

As much as I try to not care, it is very difficult for me to enjoy being single when most of my friends are in long-term serious relationships, engaged, or even married. I just want someone to share life with. Someone to serve God with, serve our community, help others, someone to go on adventures with. I hate cooking for just myself. I wish I had someone else to cook with/cook for who would appreciate it and enjoy all the weird/crazy healthy foods I am into. When I sit and have lunch by myself I am thankful for the food I have, for the roof over my head, for my family, but I can’t help but feel the need to be sharing simple times like those with someone.

Fridays are hard for me. I tend to spend them alone, grocery shopping, meal planning for week, wearing mud masks on my face and avocados on my hair. Don’t mind me, I am just being dumb and sentimental.
I am going to finish cleaning, do some laundry, go to bed early and wake up better tomorrow.